why lisbon?

An epitome of the new urban trend of living

Over the last few years, Lisbon’s historic city center has been renovated, and the prices are still low compared to other European capitals like London or Paris. The government has also developed several policies, visas, and residencies to attract young professionals, enterprises, and investors, by offering significant benefits when buying real estate. There are practically no restrictions for foreign buyers in Portugal, and the purchase process is fairly uncomplicated and straightforward when you’re guided by a professional. Throughout all these changes, Lisbon has become a center of tech and creative industries, all while managing to preserve its magical charm and mysterious intrigue. The city offers an interplay between the industrial and the natural; a perfect balance created by an urban area surrounded by beautiful beach towns and rural landscapes.

Space Hunters

an unexpected search in the city

When a hidden space becomes available, or when they happen upon an unusual property, Deborah & Stéphane feel a sudden thrill – a rush of excitement. They know how satisfying it feels to find that inspiring place you’ve fantasized about for a long time. Almost addictively, they scour narrow passageways and back streets and stumble upon small corners and alleyways, looking for unexpected spaces that flirt with the edges of your style. It requires a trained eye to identify undervalued locations, to interpret diverse tastes, and to discover that particular home that captures exactly what you have been searching for.




Deborah and Stéphane’s iconic Lisbon apartment challenges the boundaries between a cozy family home and a contemporary art studio, seducing buyers and collectors into following their intriguing approach to finding unusual properties and inspiring spaces. While Stéphane complains about Deborah's massive wardrobe and antique collection, he cannot stop buying lamps or Architectural Digests, and this merge of contradictions is precisely what makes them a delirious couple. When working together, Deborah & Stéphane’s marriage extends beyond their own home: they are a team united in their love for architecture, art, and interior design.



An interior designer who plays the electric guitar and has long been addicted to architecture.



A creative influenced by her English artist father and a treasure hunter in constant pursuit of antiques and quirky furniture.

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Timeless properties for the modern living



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